New terror stats & the link to immigration

EUROPE. The Heritage Foundation presents a report this week that shows that between January 2014 and December 2017 194 terrorist plots occured that killed or injured nearly 1,000 people.

41% of these attacks took place in Germany which means that the risk is one-in-three that their civilians will be targeted in the future. France came in second when it come to the number of attacks with Belgium and the UK following.

PoliceMigrant16% of those involved were refugees or migrants and even though that’s not a high number Robin Simcox, terrorism and national security analyst at The Heritage Foundation, believe that the influx of refugees from mainly Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan into chiefly Germany have changed the scale. Since 2015 the plots have increased and the perpetraitors are often new in to the country with ties to Syria. Simcox say that it’s important that those who have been denied asylum are deported especially since the attacks occur within two years of the jihadists arrival.

Sweden have failed royaly with deporting those who have been denied recidence permit. Home Secratary Anders Ygeman (S) said in 2016 that the government would have to deport about 80 000 of those who applied for asylum in 2015. One part of that work was to motivate them to leave, but in reality 8 out of 10 had gone into hiding when the police arrived. One example is Rakhmat Akilov who should have been deported, but stayed and was able to drive down Drottninggatan and kill and hurt innocents. And after Ygemans actions the low number of deportations have become even lower.


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