SWEDEN. The district of Brandkärr, also called Little Mogadishu since many of the recidents come from Somalia, in the town Nyköping is on it’s way to become a society within society. A new report show that the area is getting more radicalized, even though I would use the word islamicized. 

The report is based on 26 interviews with people who work for the municipal, the police and the housing authorities. It shows, among others, that there are so called shariapolices both in the community and in the schools, polygamy (which is illegal) exists and that there are two mosques and several quran schools. By reading the news I find that shootings, bombs, stabbings, burning cars, riots and stones being thrown at blue light staff have occured in Brandkärr.


60% of the pupils in the school are Somali and 90% in the pre-schools. When they play the speak Somali, which isn’t very good when it comes to integration. The same problem can be seen with adults who mainly intermingle with other Somalis. Girls wear the hijab from the age of two and the education in the quran schools take a lot of the childrens time. Several clubs which support their culture and religion have been started and many of them are funded by taxmoney. We are actually paying for making integration harder!

One of the authors of the report is Björn Littmarck who says to the media that Sweden and Germany can become big winners of they only work on integration, because this young population is exactly what we need.

The problem with integration is that it’s hard or perhaps impossible to force it on others. You must work together and the individual must want to become integrated. That’s hard to do when you already have shariapolices hanging over your shoulder and carry the pressure of the whole community. I’m afraid that integration is much harder than most think and us Swedes have been far too simple-minded. Problems doesn’t disappear just because you ignore them.


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