Migrants Are Coming

EUROPE. About 80 000-100 000 migrants are walking through the Balkans on a new smuggling route. Only 20% are refugees and the others are economic migrants whereof many families. It have been estimated that they come from 45 different countries.

The new route goes from Greece through Albania, Montenegro and Serbia to Bosnia & Herzegovina and thereafter to Croatia with the goal to reach western Europe. Bosnia are now experiencing both security and humanitarian problems. Police and security have met in Bosnia to find a strategy to prevent a repetition of 2015.Migrant

Austrias border patrol are the biggest they ever had and they are prepared. In June 25 1000 policemen and the armed forces will have an exercise to show how the border can be protected. And if Austria block their borders together with Slovenia there will be a domino effect. Bosnia and Herzegovina will close its borders together with Serbia and Montenegro.

I feel genuinely sorry for these people and the thought of keeping them out with fences is deeply unsettling. But we can’t take in and pay for the whole world. It’s not possible and especially when we already have all sorts of problems due to a non functioning integration. Go home and work together, instead of fighting between clans and religions, and build up your countries. It won’t be easy, but it will be the only thing that works in the long run.

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