Persecution of Christians – week 24

A 24-year old man from Pakistan was beaten to death by the police. They were blackmailing his relative, saying that if the relative didn’t give them money they would file false charges against him. They are now pressing the mans family to drop the charges and reconcile with them.

A catholic priest was shot and killed in a chapel in the Philippines and he was the third priest to get killed in the past six months. Another priest survived an assassination attempt during the same period. Christians are geing persecuted for their stance and involvement in human rights or chriticizing the regime, which are viewed as illegal political activities.


Kidnappings of young coptic women who are forced to convert to islam and who are then sold into domestic service are on the rise in Egypt. The families recieve minimal help from the police.

Hindu nationalist in India and Nepal are pressuring the Nepalese politicians to go back on the freedom of worship that christians were given in the last couple of years. Christian leaders have received death threats, burial grounds are being denied or taken away, churches have been burned down and children are being threatened at school.

In December 2016 in 2-year old Saiba was raped by a muslim man who were her adult brothers friend. Her ten-year old brother were babysitting when the man asked him to go buy cigarettes. When the boy came back he could her Saiba screaming. He banged the door for about 30 minutes before it was opened. The man lit a cigarette and smiled. The little girl was naked and covered in blood. The man has now been sentenced to 25 years in prison and to pay $1300 in fines. That justice is served is highly unusual for christians in Pakistan. But poor Saiba is still traumatized and will probably not be able to vear a child because of the damage done to her reproductive organs.

On this day Asia Bibi, a catholic Pakistani woman, have been imprisoned for nine years accused of blasphemy. She had drunk from the same water as some muslim women which made them angry. So she talked to them about Christs sacrifice for us and are alleged to have said: What has Mohammad done for you? She were sentenced to death by hanging for insulting the prophet. She have been separated from her husband and five children for all this time.


Fulani herdsman in Nigeria killed two Christians and seriously injured another as they were going home from church. This is an ongoing problem, but the Nigerian government, led by a muslim Fulani, haven’t taken any measures to end it.

Houses belonging to copts in Egypt were attacked after the owners had objected to young muslims swimming naked in the canal in front of their houses were the women sat. A mob threw stones and bricks while screaming allahu akbar. Some houses were looted. Six copts were injured and needed stitches. The police didn’t come for three hours and then arrested secen copts and two muslims.

A Greek Orthodox family in the UK found the palm crucifix that they had on their front door broken and thrown on the door mat. They checked the CCTV they saw the man delivering takeout from a local restaurant, where they are regular customers, ripp down the cross and tearing it apart. When they called the restaurant they were ignored, but when the event gathered attention on social media they apologised, blaming their behaviour on ramadan.

Pastor Oqbamichel Haiminot have been released after spending 11 years in Eritrean prison. He was arrested together with 60 other Christians during a wedding. They were placed in Sawa military centre for “military punishment” and Haiminot were abused and placed in solitary confinement to make him convert to Islam. Several Christians have died from the brutal torture they have endured. He had a mental breakdown and was released, but soon arrested again. He is now in need of medical attention and rehabilitation.

There is no evil to be faced

that Christ does not face with us.

There is no enemy that Christ

has not already conquered. 

There is no cross to bear that Christ

has not already born for us, and

does not now bear with us.

S:t John Paul II

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