Migrants Disembarked in Spain

SPAIN. The ships Aquarius and Orione have docked in Valencia after being denied entrance into Malta and Italy. France say that they are welcome there.

The 630 migrants are from 26 different countries, mainly adult males from Africa. They were “rescued” outside Libya when the human smugglers abandoned them in a boat that wasn’t seaworthy. This is a strategy of theirs and makes it possible to lower their prices. More people will be able to afford their services. Aquarius are used by Doctors Without Borders and this should mean that they are pursuing trafficing.

They were met by 2000 volunteers including 1 000 people from the Red Cross and 470 translators. The migrants will recieve free health care (what does it cost for a Spanish citizen to go to the dictor and will all migrants in the future get the same benefits?). Banners saying “Welcome home” in various languages were held by the entusiastic crowd.

This is a perfect example of what Ann Heberlein call the banality of goodness. It’s an easy thing to be good when you don’t have to take responsibility for the consequences of that action. It’s easy to act emotionally, but the majority of the cheerleaders will not house or pay for these people. At the end of this day they will fold up their banners and go home, assured that somebody else will step in and solve all problems. And it’s easy to welcome the first ships, but will they be as eager when it happens every day?

European leaders are busy virtue signaling and accuse Malta and Italy for not taking in the migrants. That these countries have taken in a lot of people doesn’t seem to matter. There’s also discussions of starting asylum processing centerns in Africa. How about helping their countries to become stable instead of transporting the population here?

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