I’ve really had as much as I can handle when it comes to the bashing of straight, white males.

ManWhiteFeminismI have encountered it several times in the last couple of weeks. Degrading jokes about how hopelessly entitled and stupid straight, white males are. These three words have become the emblem of everything that is loathsome and obnoxious. And the implication is that these persons are racist misogynists. Lazy bullys who freeloads their way to success.

And those who make these remarks have on every occasion been white women. Straight, white women. And that makes me wonder: is this really how they view the men in their lifes? As idiots that take advantage of others? If that is the case I feel genuinely sorry for them, but if they’re just joking around I would urge them to do a bit of reflection.

DunhamWarWhiteFeminiemBut it’s just a joke, don’t be so sensetive, it’s just a bit of fun – it’s the bullys mantra. But when jokes like this become the norm, the common definition for a group, it must effect them negatively. We would make that assumption about every other group that were subjected to this treatment. And these women would never have this attitude if the joke was about Saudi men, who really are privileged and come from a culture that really treat women, blacks, homosexual, non-muslims like shit.

And what have the traits described above to do with being straight, white and male? They have no relation to each others and anybody, no matter what race, sexuality or gender, can have them. When I look at the white, straight males in my life I see husbands, fathers, brothers, co-workers and friends who are kind, hardworking and full of love.

You know, the kind of men that would go to war to protect their families safety. Real men.

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