SWEDEN. The Swedish Parliament decided today to pass the so called high school-law that gives recidence permit to 9000 unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan that doesn’t have any need to stay for protection. Those who applied for asylum before 24 November 2015, turned 18 while waiting for notification and are studying on high school (gymnasium) are beneficiaries.

Migrants56% of the Swedes that were asked were against this law and it was also very criticized by the Council of State. There are several reasons for that. Like that 49% have lived at least one year in Iran before they came here and that the average was ten years. None of them had valid ID’s when they came and claimed to be children and tests later showed that 78% of them were adult. They have also been over-represented when it comes to sexual abuse-cases. One who fit the picture this guy. And the law doesn’t even demand that they actually study or get grades!

Politicians in municipalities around Sweden have warned that it will be hard for them to manage economically if this group don’t become self-reliant. It can also entice more immigrants to come and of course something like this may be precedential. The money spent on this group is more than some parties want to give to poor senior citizens. And at the same time the need for welfare increase faster than the tax incomes.

The law will take effect at 1 July 2018.


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