SWEDEN. Today we celebrate our National Day, even though we are quite bad at it. The Norweigans are lightyears ahead of us when it comes to this.

Herring & potatoes are classics at Swedish feasts

The reason behind chosing june 6th for National Day is that it’s the day when King Gustav Wasa were chosen as king in 1523 and he ended the Karlmar Union and made Sweden an independent country. At the same date a new constitutional law  were chosen in 1806.

During my lifetime celebrating the National Day have always been considered borderline racism. To be proud or happy about being Swedish is somewhat suspicious and from time to time one can read about people who want to remove the Swedish flag from commencements. Nationalism is wrong if you are an ethnic Swede, but ok if you for example are a Kurd. There is a lack of consistancy when it comes to this.


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