SWEDEN. Yesterday two groups (medias favorite word to cover up the fact that it’s acually groups of immigrants) got into a huge fight that bordered to a riot in the small town of Degerfors. 

The fight broke out at a secondary school and the staff quickly called the police who arrived within 15 minutes. By then the fight had ended, but the atmosphere was very brooding so the headmaster decided to close the school for the day. But the police stayed in the town.

PoliceAfterwards the groups were in the city centre which caused strain there. By midnight the fight broke out again. The school will remain closed today also so the teachers can work out strategies so they can manage to end the term without any more fights.

Can we please stop pretending that this phenomenon isn’t something completely new in Sweden? I had never heard of big fights in school where the police had to go, but now this happens all the time, all over the country. And it’s always between “groups”. Teachers shouldn’t have to find strategies to keep school open. They should teach. And the police have better things to do than to guard teenagers.


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