Anjem Choudary, an infamous London imam, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison in 2016 under the Terrorism Act for rallying support for ISIS will be released after having served only two years. 

After decades of openly preaching hate, or perhaps I should say that he have been preaching the violence that you find in the islamic texts, he was finally jailed. If you search for him on youtube you will find loads of interviews and debates where Choudary praise sharia in it’s cruelest forms (“the thief is happy to have his hand chopped of) among other things. Choudary is a part of Islam4UK who have had his followers in demonstration marches to impose sharia and have acted as sharia police in their neighborhood.ChoudaryIslam

Choudary used to recruite men for Osama bin Laden and have been radicalizing and trained followers of ISIS. It was some of his men that caused the London Bridge attack a year ago and yes, Choudary said they were good muslims on TV afterwards. A source at The Scotland Yard says there is a fear that tensions will rise within the muslim population when Choudary is released.

So this is supposed to be justice? Tommy Robinson goes to jai for trivial things and others for using the wrong word and this monster is released so he can keep working on bringing terrorism upon us! Because surely nobody can be stupid enough to believe that he has reformed? I bet he’s laughing at the stupid kafirs who are so weak and don’t recognise the danger they are in.


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