Somalis fraud the government & may have funded terrorism

It has been revealed,  thanks to whistleblower Scott Stillman, that ten daycares in Minnestota, USA, owned by mainly Somali immigrants have been stealing taxdollars and sending them to Somalia. It is likely that some of it have ended up at terrorist organizations, like Al-Shabaab. The same thing have happened in other parts of the US.

Parents used to arrive at the daycare, check in their child and then leave after a couple of minutes with their kid. Then the daycare billed the state for a full day for every child. It seems to be an open secret in the Somali community that starting a day care or to buy chares in one is a sure way to make money from the big subsides. They used to stuff up up $1 in cash in a suitcase and fly to Somalia with it. Only last year up to a hundred million dollars were documented by investigators.

But the scandal is even worse than that. The daycares were investigated for fraud five years ago. Stillman didn’t contact authorities once, but several of times and it took two months for them to sent the mails forward, then heavily redacted. He was very worried that the money was used to hurt civilians and the US Army. Now everyboy is covering their backs, blaming a heavy workload or not being informed. Stillman resigned in march.

Al-Shabaab recruits children

CAIR, Counsel of American Islam-Relations (claim to be a civil-rights group, but have ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood) have questioned if this is true and that this is a fearmongering and islamophobia. Vilifying an entire community because they are growing in wealth. Sure they are, because they are stealing it! Are some supposed to be above the law? Well it isn’t strange that the muslims expect that because that is often how it works in their countries.

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