Persecution of Christians – week 20

This is some of the news about Christian persecution from last week.

A catholic church in Nepal was burned and heavily damaged. The arsonists, a group of 8-10 men, warned people to stay inside their homes before they poured gasoline over the church and set it on fire. Four other churches were attacked prior and during this week. Luckily nobody were harmed.


The bodies of the twenty coptic Christians who were beheaded by ISIS in 2015 were returned to be buried in Egypt. At the moment of their deaths they were praying to Jesus and they have been declared martyrs.

The church Gospel of  Jesus Mission in Pakistan were attacked by hostile muslims. The altar, pulpit, books, carpets, chairs, tables, wooden crosses, tarpaulin, worship instruments and more were burnt to ashes.

Vietnam banned a catholic female human rights activist and a catholic priest from leaving the country. The govenment claimed it had to do with national security. It was the fourth time in the last three years that the woman wasn’t allowed to travel.

Pakistani church

Egyptian press alleged earlier this week that the Vatican had agreed with Saudi Arabia to build catholic churhes there. This turned out to be fake news. It is unkown how many Christians there is in Saudi Arabia since apostasy from islam is punished by death.

Ten persons, both students and guards, were killed at a Christian collage in South Sudan. It’s believed that the Sudan People’s Liberation Army was the perpetraitors.

An Algerian pastor lost his appeal and have to pay $868 as a fine for transporting 56 bibles in his car. He were heading to Muslims that had contacted him wanting to learn more about Christ.

Russian Ortodox Church, S:t Petersburg

Russia’s Constitutional Court issued a partial clarification on the Anti-Missionary Law came which came 2016 making it illegal to talk about religion or try to hand out material. This could help imprisoned religious minorities.

Over the last months dozens of Christian youths have been arrested or simply taken away in Karachi, Pakistan. One who was released said he had been brutally tortured in jail.

Two kurdish brothers took land from an Assyrian Christian and built houses on it. Illegal seizure of Christian land by Muslims has been going on since 1991.

Four men armed with guns and petrol bombs stormed into a church in Grozny, Russia, to take hostages. Two policemen and a churchgoer were killed. Security services tooki the men. ISIS claims responsibility.

Almighty God,

You have warned us through your Son Jesus Christ that those who follow Him may be oppressed and abused because of their faith.

We ask that you comfort and give courage to all your children who fall victims to unjust imprisonment, physical harm and intimidation at the hands of their oppressors.

For those who have given their lives in the fight for freedom to openly share and live out their faith, may they be welcomed into your warm embrace.

For those who persecute our brothers and sisters, may their spirits be touched by the incredible faith of those who they attack. And may they turn away from sin and open their hearts to your love.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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