Updates on Yesterdays News

SWEDEN. The Syrian man, living in Finspång Sweden, who were arrested for human trafficking and funding terrorgroups in Syria were previously known by the police. 

He was arrested in may of last year and investigated on suspicions for terrorfunding and money laundry, but was released in November because of delays in investigation.

The network that trafficked syrians to Europe consisted of fourteen people and had it’s base in Italy. The money was transmitted using hawala, an informal network of exchange offices outside the bankingsystem with it’s origin in sharia.  And he wasn’t a refugee at all, but had been living in Sardinia, Italy. Another one that have been lying to and exploited our welfaresystems.

Since the man had an arrestorder from Italy for misuse of banking and finances, something that isn’t illegal in Sweden. The man knew nothing of the arrestorder so as soon as the traveling ban was cancelled he left and when his plane stopped over in Denmark he was arrested.

His defense for his actions is that he was helping people to transfer money around the world to each others.

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