BELGIUM. When a look at Belgium I feel worried and genuinely afraid. Sharia creep, the term that describes the gradual islamisation of a culture, seems to be a realty there. After years of fighting for equality in the west it now seems that it is in danger of becoming undone. Where will all this lead?

Katie Hopkins have been to Molenbeek, the disreputable part of Brussels that is known for it’s muslim population and it’s connections to terrorism. It have been called the jihad capital of Europe. This is what she experienced:

But unfortunately it’s more than this. In a teve-interview Redouane Ahrouch (15 years ago he was sentenced for beating is wife so badly that she can’t work anymore), a muslim leader who founded an Islam party, said that Belgium will have a muslim majority within twelve years. He labels his party as democratic even though they want to introduce sharia law (sharia courts already exist) and create an Islamic State in the country. The party has two members elected and are planning to expand in the elections this october.


Many mosques in Molenbeek are financed by Gulf-arabian countries and Iran with the demand that they let their preachers come and educate the congregation. Information that have leaked from belgian intelligence shows that the mosques use teaching manuals inspired by classic islamic law from arab countries that descibe jews as evil and promote stoning of homosexuals. They are aimed at preachers and professors in theology. These are teachings so barbaric and antiquated that the description medieval isn’t old enough to cover them.