Ramadan Makes Children Faint

SWEDEN. Vingåker, the municipal in Sweden with a little more than 9000 inhabitants that I’ve written about earlier because of quranreadings during home language education, want to prevent weary children in schools during ramadan that start today. 

Schools in Vingåker have in other years experienced that pupils have been feeling ill during ramadan and some of them even fainted. And isn’t it so that children doesn’t even have to observe the fast so why does the parents encourage/force them? Can you imagine the uproar if I, as a christian, sent my kids to school so famished that they fainted because of lent (and then you are allowed to eat and drink during the day)! I would loose custody within five minutes and rightly so.


So what happens when the reason for the child being in peril is islam? You send a letter. This is not a joke, the chairman of Vingåkers board of children and undergraduate studies are actually going to send a letter to parents in the municipal about the importance of pupils being well fed and rested when they come to school.

And to not single out any group the letter will be sent to all parents! This is beyond stupid! Who does this board think that they are fooling? This problem is directly related to muslims and are, like so many other things, something new in Sweden. Other parents doesn’t need this information because it’s basic. So why not confront it head on, at least on the sake of the children?

And when it comes to adults: who want to meet a hypoglycemic driver on the road or have a doctor distracted by hunger and thirst attending your health problems?

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