ETHIOPIA. Finally some good news! The swedish cardeologist Fikru Maru have been set free after five years in prison in Ethiopia. 

Maru came to Sweden in 1977 as a refugee and studied to become a physician. In 2003 he started a clinic in Addis Abeba and later Addis Cardio Thoracic Hospital that were the first hospital in Ethiopia to perform pacemaker surgery.

FikruMaruWhen Dr Maru tried to bring in used medical equipment in 2010 customs said he was smuggling, but the charges was dropped. Three years later he was arrested said to have bribed the Minister of Customs to close the case against him in 2010. 2016 Dr Maru was aquitted, but wasn’t released and soon he was charged again and this time for terrorist crimes.

And today he was finally released and can be reunited with his family!

But I have to add that the Etihopian government must be complete idiots to treat a psysician like this when their people need help and their health care doesn’t measure up. This will make others less likely to come to their aid.


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