Gay in Iran

In Iran the homosexual act is a crime worthy of death and even though being gay isn’t the same as being trans some are encouraged by religious clerics and their familys to undergo sex reassignment surgery so their body will match their soul and not violate the divine order. 

This fast-track towards surgery, subsidized by the state, is why some LGBT+ activists hail Iran and many even travel there to undergo surgery. Gay-magazines publish glossy interviews with iranians that have had an successful transitions, at the same time not acknowledging that LGBT+ magazines and sites are blocked in Iran. There are no Prideparades in Teheran, actually it’s held in Amsterdam. People live in fear for their lives, are married without consent, diagnised with mental illness and suicide is not uncommon.


Transgenderism is seen as a mental illness in Iran that can be cured with gender-confirmation surgery and hormone-replacement therapy. In 1986 Ayatollah Khamenei passed a fatwa declaring these medical procedures to be religiously acceptable. If you are born in the wrong body the best for you and society is to fix this so you’ll be able to fulfill the social responsible that comes with your sex. Happiness doesn’t seem to be a factor in this at all while conformity is.

The most horrible thing I’ve ever seen, is how they treat homosexuals.  They were chained like animals, hand and feet.  Some of them spent years in solitary confinement. I myself was in solitary confinement, but never for longer than a month at a time.  Unimaginable, especially so chained! The guards kicked them worse them animals. They spat on them, yelled at, and insulted them. They were dragged to the toilet, like animals – with a dog leash. It was shocking.

Iranian christian prisoner, 2015

A confession of a homosexual act can give 31-74 lashes with no other evidence and if the confession is repeated four times the person gets one hundred lashes. The iranian judiciary use torture to produce these confessions. But the death sentance is common and are given to the man who are passive during sex since he acts like a woman which is unnatural for a man. The active man are sometimes killed or get one hundred lashes. Women always get lashes. This punishment are be followed by

In 2015 it was estimated that 4000-6000 gays and lesbians had been killed for having sex with someone of the same gender since 1979.


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