SWEDEN. I can really relate to what Barbara is saying in this video. I also questioned myself when I started to think differently about immigration and everything else. I felt really guilty and that I did something wrong when I deviated from the general narrative.

But when I looked closely at what I was thinking and saying I realised that I wasn’t “full of hate”. Not even close. But even though that knowledge started to sink in I still had a lot of strange obstacles that was forbidden to cross. If you did you were a racist.

Like, which sites are aproved to read? And can I write about what I see around me when it comes to immigration and the lack of integration? Is it allowed to feel sad when I see women in khimar and different kind of veils? Sad for them and sad because it look strange. It doesn’t look like home and it makes me a little homesick.

Is it ok to get irritated at the immigrant stores that mostly have products with arabic on the package so I can’t understand? It doesn’t make me feel welcome as a customer and that’s why I don’t go there. May I like Sweden? Embrace my culture and christianity and actually think that they are good? Maybe even better than the culture of, for example, Afghanistan?


One thought on “Guilty for Thinking

  1. Very well said.
    There is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.
    And even if someone calls you racist, then this over used word no longer has any meaning.
    All you are donig is speaking the truth.


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