Leftist Say the Darndest Things III

SWEDEN. There’s no end in sight…

I let my hand grab her ass.

Måns Vestin, the Left Party, in a debate article 2016. The point was that he was a sexist before he became a feminist, so behaving like this have nothing to do with etnicity or culture. And that he had no control of his hand. But feminism cured him.

Women have taken responsibility for mens actions for generations.

Bilan Osman, muslim, journalist and activist, that don’t reject sharia and wear the hijab, which places the resposibility of what men do on women.

People perceive election promises as promises. That is a problem for us. 

Lennart Nilsson, Social Democratic Party, in 1998.

Both parties and media should stop talking nonsense about what immigration “cost”. The election should be about work, school, enviroment and so on. Immigration doesn’t affect anybody since the state cover all expenses. 

Anders Lindberg, journalist.

Enough of these faggot questions!

Jan O Karlsson, Socialdemocrat, during a conference in 2003.

Volvo may be the most swedish thing that we have. It’s almost as swedish as spaghetti.

Karin Pilsäter from The Liberals in 1999.

We are about to turn the Mediterranean into a new Auschwitz.

Åsa Romson, spokesman for The Green Party, about immigrants crossing the sea, which they did voluntarily.

Money is overrated.

Gudrun Schyman, former leader of the Left Party and F!, who literally burned 100 000 kronor (11 711$) 2010 to protest the vague gap.

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