Iran’s nuclear program revealed

Israels prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed during a press conference that Mossad has removed 55 000 pages of secret documents and 50 000 files from 183 compact discs from a vault in Teheran, Iran. The information is deemed as authentic even including originals and not copies. It’s now clear beyond any doubt that Iran have been lying to everybody, including the Atomic Energy Agency.

This is the definite proof that Project Amad, Irans nuclear weapons program, really existed and that Iran didn’t destroy the documentation of their work which they claimed. Instead they have been stored in what appeared to be a run down warehouse, but that contained vaults filled with significant information. Most likely to be used later.

NuclearBombWarThe documents are written in farsi and Mossad are working on translating them, but it will off course take a lot of time. Israel say the documents contains complex diagrams, graphs and a map of five secret nuclear test sites. From the information you can among other things learn how to build an atomic weapon.

This means that Iran has violated the 2015 nuclear deal and since it’s discovered before may 12 Donald Trump may scrap it, which means that the sanctions against Iran won’t be lifted. Trump want the flaws in the deal to be fixed or else he’ll leave. The 2015 nuclear deal was supported and promoted by Barack Obama and now his former administration claims that they knew all along that Iran was lying. And still the went ahead with something that would strengthen a country that are one of the biggests supporters of terrorism in the world? It’s beyond irresponsible!

UK, France and Germany will still back the deal for “peace in the region” they say. It’s still unknown what China and Russia will do. Irans response have been to call the israeli achievement a childish stunt.


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