Yesterdays arrest of terrorists

SWEDEN. Now  there is more information about the arrest of terrorists and confiscation of goods in Akalla and Strömsund. Also, yesterday I wrote that three men were arrested in Akalla, but that was wrong. It was two men and one in Strömsund.


In Strömsund, in the north of Sweden, neighbors of the arrested man have said to newspapers that the police carried ten to fifteen barrels to their vehicles from a loaded trailer. They were so heavy that they had to work together to move them. The neighbors have previously complained to the municipal about the state of the garden that look like an industrial area with unmowed lawns.

A relative to the arrested man claims that the barrels were bought online in the belief that they contained paint, but bystanders says that they were filled with some sort of chemichals. The relative said that the arrested man didn’t know that when he bought it and that he was going to use the paint to paint a house.


It’s possibly chlorine solution that is corrosive in high concentrations. It irritates the airwaves and is used as a desinfectant. From chlorine soluton you can make several other chemical substances and chlorine gas have been used since WWI as a chemical weapon. ISIS are known to have used it aginst civilians in Syria. The  gas reacts with the mucosa in the lungs and form hydrochloric acid that makes it difficult to breathe.

A newsarticle from 2010 told that about twenty immigrants from Uzbekistan in Strömsund were ortodox muslims. I guess that term means they followed islam according to how Muhammad taught it without canceling out the inconvenient stuff. These men demanded separate classrooms when they studied swedish for men and women and finally screens were put up diving the classroom in two parts. What I remember Rakhmat Akilov had a outbursts about that when he was studying swedish. Integration according to Sweden!

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