SWEDEN. Letter number three has arrived, starting with: “Jew…”, followed by a lot of antisemitic drivel and then I’m told to quit my job or else they will act violently. What do they mean by violently? Have the time come for them to beat me up?


SWEDEN. This is at tweet from a jewish man living in Malmö. He has given several examples during the years I’ve followed him how horribel life have become for jews in Sweden. Many jews have moved to another city and some have even left Sweden. Jewish teachers get harrassed by muslim students, people get their property smeared with extrement, are called slurs on arabic, molotov attacks and stones are thrown on synagogues.

In 2015 there was a documentary on Swedish state television about the increase in antisemitism in Malmö. It was quite incredible that they showed it since they do their best to cover up things that doesn’t follow their agenda. In the program and the subsequent debate it was clear that muslims are the ones doing this which made it hard to keep claiming that it’s nazis that are the problem. And a study show that 51% of the threats came from muslims, 25% from the extreme left and 5% from the extreme right.

So why do muslims have this hatred for jews? Well, it goes all the way back to the quran and by now antisemtism in the middle east is something that’s so ingrained in life that even little children pick it up. It’s really tragic that this has come to Sweden and it’s another one of the many problems that have turned up years after the refugees made their home here. Things that were unkown here before. But not anymore.

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