SWEDEN. Us Swedes have almost grown accustomed to the stupid things people in power and in the media say. Things that are infuriating and deceitful and sometimes the only thing you can do is to laugh. If you can manage it. Here is a small compilation translated by me.

There have always been prankish youngsters, says Fredrik Nordström, head of the municipal board.


Comment after big gangs clashed in the small town of Skara beating and stabbing each others and attacking the police. The gangs were of afghan and syrian descent. Drugs may have been a cause of the conflict. Residents in Skara are afraid to go out at night because of these “youngsters”.

They try to profit from the idea that islam is very, very homophobic, which isn’t true at all.

Gay comedian and author Jonas Gardell 2013 about The Swedendemocrats.

Sweden has never been safer.

Comedian Magnus Betnér.

First I would like to clarify that sexual harassment is not automatically bound to migration and immigration. We have had sexual harassment in Sweden for many, many years, unfortunately.


Swedens prime minister Stefan Löfven from The Swedish Social Democratic Party in january 2016.

White swedes are not deported when they are arrested for brutal crimes. The same principle should apply to everone.

Victoria Kawesa, F! (Feministic Initiative), about stopping all deportations, even of criminal immigrants, mars 2017.

It’s probably so that humanism demands one to lower the standard of living.

Anne Ramberg, secretary-general of the swedish bar association, in september 2016. Here she educates swedes on how the state can afford immigrants. But she won’t have to lower her standad since she made a lot of money from legal representation of immigrants.

Yes, islam is compatible with democracy. I sure haven’t made any other interpretation.

Beatrice Ask, the Moderate Party, former minister of justice.

To be continued….

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