Big Breakout from Detention Centre

SWEDEN. During thursday night fourteen illegal immigrants awaiting deportation escaped through a window from the Swedish Migration Boards detention centre outside Gothenburg. It has happened before but not with so many fugitives at the same time.

The police have searched the area with policedogs but can’t find any traces, but they say it’s three men from Syria, ten afghans and two kurds. They are not criminals, but isn’t escaping detention and staying illegally in Sweden a crime? Probably not, since it might make somebody feel stigmatized.

The police aren’t working actively to find them tough because it’s the Swedish Migration Boards job to sort it out. Which means that the migrants can hide in Sweden forever if they don’t go to another country to try their luck. Will they commit crimes to make a living? Will any of them prepare to commit a terrorattack? Nobody knows.

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