SWEDEN. This saturday it was one year since the attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm and and there were a memorial service in the Adolf Fredriks Church.

The King, Queen and Jackelén

It was held by reverend Annika Millde and bishop Eva Brunne (who wanted to remove christian symbols from Sjömanskyrkan a couple of years ago to make space for other religions) and archbishop Antje Jackelén (who chose Gud är större, Allahu akbar, as her motto) preached. The operasinger Malena Ernman sang and she is a pro-immigration activist who used the media for years to push massimmigration and claim that those who opposed it were racists. She also argued that it was a myth that there were jihadist hidden with the immigrants that came to Sweden. Rakhmet Akilov, the perpetraitor on Drottningsgatan, was exactly one of those hidden jihadist and also an economic migrant. One would think that she would connect the dots and have the good sense to be ashamed.

Brunne preached about how some put up borders and how the fear was that polarization between groups would be increased, but violence would not stop diversity. Did she mean that islamism is a product of racism? That it’s something the “racist” swedes instigates? The victims and the sorrow were mentioned briefly but otherwise it was mostly fellowship and love and winning over the darkness. Then there were Jackelén who wasn’t much better and you can read  what she said here in english.

Khalfi posing with the sign of rabia on his Facebookpage

And on top of this mountain of bad taste and hyocrisy there were imam Mahmoud Khalfi who read from the quran (16:90, a sura from Mohammeds more peaceful time in Mecca. The later suras from Medina, when he was a warlord takes precedence though). Khalfi is the leader of the mosque in Stockholm and openly admits his and the mosques connections with the Muslim Brotherhood! The mosque are directed towards the Brotherhoods ideology and Khalfi praised the entry of islamism in swedish politics. Khalfi have ties to the brotherhoods ideological leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi and when he visited Stockholm 2003 he called upon suicide attacks against Israel.

When Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel in december 2017 there were demonstrations around the world. Mahmoud Khalfi participated in the one in Stockholm where they burned the israeli flag and chanted Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammed saufa ya’oud, which are a remainder of when Muhammad and his army slaughtered and imprisoned the jews of Arabia. Somehow somebody thinks that Khalfi is a suitable representative of Swedens muslims or at this memorial service.


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