SWEDEN. Nationalmuseum is a government authority with the purpose to preserve the Swedish cultural heritage and promote art. Barakat Ghebrehawariat have recently been appointed a comissioner in the council of Nationalmuseum, but who is he? 

At first look he seems to be ok. An entrepreneur and lecturer specialised in democracy, diversity and communication and active in organisations that prevent sexual abuse and violence. Then another picture emerges. But first some background information.

In Sweden the political establishment use the culture and especially museums to promote their political ideas and lecture the population. Mona Sahlin, former party leader of The Swedish Social Democratic Party, once said that she couldn’t define what Swedish culture was, but the lack of it made us jelous of immigrants. We only had lame stuff like Midsummers Eve and they had so much more. With this outset there is no wonder that museums were given the assignment to promote diversity and interpret Sweden in the right way.


Like when Enköpings Museums Annika Larsson found Arabic writing (when you looked at it through a mirror) in woven silk ribbons from the Viking Age and almost peed her pants with happiness. Could it be that the Viking burial customs were inspired by Islam? Had the idea of a life after death had it’s origin in Islam? Suddenly she saw clues of this everywhere, which just proves that you see what you want to see. Later Larsson claimed that it was all an misunderstanding.

Then there is Qaisar Mahmood, who has no education or experience of archeology and cultural heritage, but were appointed director of the Swedish National Heritage Board. It’s his job to monitor the clearing out of massive number of artifacts and decide what are worth keeping and what are to be sent to the dump. His qualifications are that he takes an active part in questions regarding diversity and identity.

Husby 2013

So, back to Barakat Ghebrehawariat. He has been active in the organisation Forix, operated by Ibn Rushd and Swedens Young Muslims (SUM) which have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He also have ties to The Panters (Marxist-Leninists) who are believed to have fueled the riots in Husby 2013 and Megafonen. He has praised The Panters openly and said that afroswedes shoud carry weapons too.

When he worked for Forix it organized an event with SUM, Ibn Rushd och the Muslim Human Rights Commitee (MMRK, who’s idea of human rights is sharia) about how the threat from terror was overrated. Now he is a part of Demokrateam and lectures about the norm of whiteness and racialization to, among others, public service. And now he says his goal is:

Whoa now there will be diversity, inclusion and criticism of norms. 


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