Grand Promises from Liars

SWEDEN. On the ninth of September we will have elections in Sweden and the political parties have already started to make grand promises to win support and votes. The Swedish Democratic Party, who are now in government, are losing support in the polls so there is no end to all they will do.


Some of their promises is to increase the childbenefit, that refugees will have to learn good Swedish (a demend that was viewed as racist not long ago), cellphones will not be allowed in elementary schools and more money to the police and to womens aid.

And finally prime minister Stefan Löfven says that immigrants that are not given recidence permit have to leave the country. And that young male immigrants have to attend classes about sex and consent, which is quite amazing since Löfven for years have claimed that the migrants have nothing to do with the increased number of rapes.


On one hand I’m happy that they’re finally reacting, even though many of “their” proposals are rip offs of The Sweden Democrats. On the other hand I’m disgusted by them. They have shamed everybody who have tried to point out the problems and treated them like shit. How can we ever trust idiots that look the other way and place others in harms way just to be politically correct?

They are bullying turncoats and they don’t care about Sweden and it’s population. They only care about power.

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