I used to be a leftie. I grew up in a socialist home and Maos The little red book stood on my parents bookshelf. But when I learned more about how the left have fangirled around dictatures and their leaders I opted out.

How is it possible that western socialistic organizations have had and still have this tendency? They claim that their revolution (and seldom mention that it will off course be violent because hardly anyone are positive to  having their hard earned belongings taken from them) will lead to freedom. And even those who say that the dictatures wasn’t real socialism/communism tend to become starry eyed when their leaders become relevant. Like when they die.

Castro shooting a prisoner

Fidel Castro is a good example. Cuba is a country that the left have romanticized intensively and when Castro died the whole world exploded in praise. Putin saluted Castro for making Cuba free and independent, Trudeau claimed he had served his people and made improvements and Corbyn praised Castros heroism. Former leader of Swedish Left Party (former Communist Party) Lars Ohly called Castro a source of inspiration.

And we have all seen the Che Guevara t-shirts but very few seem to know or care about that he was Castros ruthless chief executioner, a totalitarian, torturer and instituted the slave labour camps. Sarte called him the most perfect person he ever met but former Cuban political prisoner Roberto Martin-Perez said Che’s face were beaming as the victims were tied to the stake and blasted apart by the firing squad. A real hero.

Winnie, Nelson and Joe Slovo

The latest example is Winnie Madikzela-Mandela also known as The mother of the Nation. The articles about her life seldom mention the true horrors that she subjected others to or her, and Nelsons, close ties to The Communist Party. The only thing she was convicted of was kidnapping fourteen year old Stompie Seipei, but she took part in his torture and ordered his death. He was a part of Mandela United Football Club that served as her guard. She made them accuse a reverend of sexual abuse and this is just a few of her crimes. Now she is hailed for her work against apartheid and serveral are saying that she should have been president.

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