UK. I make no secret that I oppose islamism and that I don’t like the teachings of Muhammad, but to attack individual muslims for what they believe or what others do is just plain wrong and cowardly. Exactly as it is when others use those tactics.

Last month a letter circulated in the UK saying that march third is Punish a muslim day. Different attacks are suggested like throwing acid, torture and bombing a mosque. You can also collect points from what you do like it is a game. It’s really sick!

Some think it’s a hoax, but many are worried. In New York there is increased security around the city.

Yesterday a nineteen year old Muslim girl were punched in the head in a hospital in Michigan by an aggressive man. Some claim this is related to Punch a muslim day, but I’m not even sure it had anything to do with islam. The man was agitated before the girl came and he had trouble sitting down. So maybe she just happened to be in the way when he exploded.

American community activist Debbie Almontaser suggest that everybody should wear hijabs and kufis today to show solidarity with muslims. But there’s where I draw the line. I bet she doesn’t wear a cross in solidarity with Christians being persecuted and murdered around the world.

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