SWEDEN. Muhamed Omar, Antikalifen, wrote yesterday about another pamphlet and this one is produced by the organization Islamguiden. The topic is advice on how Swedish schools should act towards muslims.


By their presentation it is obvious that they percive Islam as equal to Christianity in Sweden instead of something that is new and that they should have the same status. They write that Muslim parents worry that their children won’t have the possibility to practice their religion or that the schoolexperience will have a negative effect on their Muslim identity.

Well, Christian and/or conservative parents are worried too. That the leftist school will indoctrinate our kids and if the child talk about something they learned from home they will called racist or a hater. Or that Muslim children will call them kuffar and bully them for not wearing the hijab and eating pork. Jewish parents, and teachers, are even more worried of harrassment.


The pamphlet also describes how the hijab is a religious obligation and if you force the girl to show more than face and hands you are hindering her practice of religion. It’s obvious that they spin this as a crime against religious freedom. When I went to school I learned that the veil was put on the girl after she got her first period, because then she was considered to be adult and alluring for men. That’s why I get the creeps when I see a three year old in a hijab. If you find her alluring you should be locked up.

The Muslims behind the folder writes that schools should have ha special room for prayer. But how is that supposed to work practically? Should Muslim students be excused to leave their classes to pray? It won’t take long before others want the right to the same kind of break too. Why should Muslims get special benefits? Should religious practice take precendence in a secular society? Also, this seems like a sure way to start conflicts and racism.


In Sweden it’s a part of the curriculum that children shall learn to swim and this has caused a lot of problems. Because the girls, and now we are talking about seven to perhaps twelve years old, can’t show themselves in bathing suits. And even if they wear the burkini, and it is possible to borrow them at some bathhouses and schools, the swimteacher can’t be a man. I guess it’s because he touch the girls to help them. The writers solution is to divide the class according to gender and have a techer of the same sex. At the same time they make it sound like this idea would be good for Swedes too, like they are doing us a favor when it only seems like another thing that complicate everything.

When it comes to ramadan they mention how Muslim children have been critized for being to weak to participate in class, but the problem isn’t the lack of food. No, it’s the teachers who are racists who don’t respect their pupils right to practice thieir religion. Once again they push the right to religious freedom. That they should respect the techers, our Swedish customs and priorotize their kids education (and their health), which really should worry them since polls show that first and second generation immigrants have a lot of problems in that area, is nowhere to be found. No, integration seems to mean that Swedes change, while they only embrace the parts of culture that they can use against us.