SWEDEN is slowly turning into a shithole country and everybody knows it.

The whole world are either laughing at us or shaking their heads in disbelief of our altruistic failure. Especially how some doesn’t want to see it.

Here’s two videos who makes you laugh and at the same time scares the shit out of you.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Sweden

  1. Thanks for this post – very interesting but also very scary.
    I live in a shithole country and it is called Britain.
    Thanks for what you do – your site is excellent.
    I have only just discovered it today and Iook forward to future posts.


      1. No problem at all.
        I really like WordPress as a stand alone platform. I do not use Facebook or Twitter as I consider them mainstream. Finding and reading your website made my day too. You write with courage which I really admire.
        Unconvenient Observations is also a great name.
        Be lucky and all the best,


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