Pamphletgate part Two

SWEDEN. I wrote yesterday about the pamphlet with information to those who are married to a child. Here comes some additional information.

The woman who wrote the pamphlet is said to like F! (leftist feminist party), Ship to Gaza and genderstudies. She is also a member of the online group #jagärhär (I am here) who trolls discussionthreads that’s not politically correct and try to get accounts suspended. They have been awarded by the government för their work against so called “hate”, also known as free speech.

Several Swedish organizations with direct contact to the Muslim Brotherhood have worked in different ways to increase segregation and decrease freedom of speech. The organizations are Islamiska förbundet (Islamic Association), Sveriges unga muslimer (Swedens Young Muslims), Ibn Rushd and Sveriges muslimska råd (Swedens Muslim Council).

Soon people started to create their own pamphletes

One method is to claim that all critique is islamophobia or racism. When the state have had campains to end honourviolence and forced marriages they have said that Sweden practice apartheid.

This has also happened when it came to childmarriages. The discussion have followed the now established pattern: “How dare you say that about my culture and/or religion. You are a racist!” Of course this is a sure way to make people shut up.

Another piece of information that have surfaced is that the pamphlet was ordered by the government. The government!! There is no end to the stupidity!

Off course there were a lot of leftist who tried to relativise everything about this, but I can’t manage to go into that. I’m afraid I’ll pop an aneurysm in pure anger.

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