Two Years for Brutal Rape

SWEDEN. In the december of last year a 13 year old girl was raped at a public toilet in Hallsberg, Sweden, by a twenty year old man. This week he was sentenced to two years in prison and because of his youth he got the lowest penalty. The court didn’t consider him to be adult. 

It was on the eighteenth of december 2017 that the twenty year old man, a refugee from Afghanistan, looked up the girl at her school. He bought her beer and whiskey and got her very drunk. Then he brought her to a public toilet and raped her (anal and vaginal rape). He didn’t use a condom so it’s a possibility that he infected her with hepatitis B.

For this he got the lowest punishment you can get, even though his actions were very violent, he acted with intent and also got sentenced for sexually harrassing another girl. This because of his age. If you are under twenty one the law says that you should get some leniency.

But he his married, have a daughter and another child on the way so he is not really a child himself! The prosecutor wanted him to get deported, but because of the harm it would cause his family he gets to stay. Another reason is that he has converted to christianity so if he were sent back the court think he would be in grave danger (this phenomenon with conversion isn’t uncommon among refugees). But the Swedish Migration Board disagree and see no impediment for deportation.

So a guess we’ll have the luck of keeping him in Sweden. An unemployed rapist that can’t speak swedish and has a lifelong, contagious infection that transmits sexually.

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