Rapes, Rapes & more Rapes

SWEDEN. No, it’s not the #metoo hysteria that I mean but other things in the media that actually makes me a little happy. And no, I’m not happy about the rapes of course, but that we finally are getting statistics that show what we all have seen around us for years.

First I saw this from Gatestone Institute on how the police and media works together to mislead the public about how migrants commit rapes. It’s from 2017, but I found it interesting.


Number two is also from Gatestone and it was released just the other day. It say that preliminary statistics show that rapes by migrants have increased four-fold in Germany since 2014. That means 13 rapes a day!

But at the same time André Schulz, director of the Criminal Police Association (Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter, BDK), estimates that 90% of sex crimes by migrants doesn’t show in the official stats. Why? The police have strict orders not to report migrant crimes and use politically correct words in their reports as a way to delink crimes from islam.

Number three is the swedish newspaper Expressen who have a large article about gangrapes in Sweden which is something new to this country. 32 of the 43 rapists that they looked at were born abroad, 10 were born in Sweden by one or two immigrants. Only one were born in Sweden by parents that were born in Sweden. The average age of the perpetrators was 21.


The article is full of the girls and womens witnesses of what was done to them. It’s quite nauseating to read and they are very brave for telling their stories. I hope that they find the strenght to carry on. But unfortunately the recources in psychiatric care are very small and often immigrants are prioritized in the queues to see a psychologist since they need help to deal with their experiences. And of course they should get care, but what about us taxpayers?

And in the article there is also Stina Holmberg (Brå, The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) who made the latest survey about criminality and immigrants in 2005. It showed that immigrants are overrepresented when it comes to crimes, which made Brå decided to stop measuring. Of course she diminish this wave of gangrapes by comparing the examined group of offenders with how many immigrants that have come here the recent couple of years. The classic representative for politically correct Sweden who are totally oblivious for the fear women feels.

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