Disputed Imam on TV to Comment on Easter

SWEDEN. When tax funded TV-channel SVT had a segment about Easter they invited Antje Jackelén, archbishop of The Church of Sweden, and an imam. And what's more, a very controversial imam. The logical thing would have been to invite a Catholic or Orthodox priest and a Rabbi, but SVT felt the need to bring in … Continue reading Disputed Imam on TV to Comment on Easter

They Are Devouring Our Sons

USA. I recommend this article from The Christian Post about rapid onset gender dysphoria and their mothers struggle to help their children. Every one of their kids has mental health issues. Most of them are autistic. High-functioning Asperger's, that kind of stuff … This whole understanding of the world, it’s a subculture I had no … Continue reading They Are Devouring Our Sons

PM Praise Communists

SWEDEN. PM Stefan Löfven are receiving hard critique for saying, in an interview with the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, that the Left Party (V) stood up for democracy back when they openly called themselves communists. The context of Löfvens declaration is that some parties on the right have announced that they're open to working with the … Continue reading PM Praise Communists

A 12-Year Old with Jihad on His Mind

SWEDEN. Use an online translator to read this excellent and very disturbing article about a boy whose parents aren't ISIS members, but who have been radicalized within their family. One can't help to wonder how many children and youths exist here in Sweden and in the west?

The New Normal for Children in Sweden

Robberies where the victims are under 18 years old increased by 31% in 2019 and it's a sick world where you have to prepare your children on how to act if somebody tries to rob them. A 10-year old boy was robbed by a bus stop in Karlstad on March 11, 8.30 PM. Two unknown … Continue reading The New Normal for Children in Sweden

If All Immigrants Were Like Tusse…

SWEDEN. ...there wouldn't be any need for the Sweden Democrats (SD). But that's something the left can't seem to understand. Last night it was the final of Melodifestivalen and Tousin "Tusse" Chiza, 19, won with Voices and will represent Sweden in Rotterdam. It's a great song and Tusse has a wonderful voice. But as he's … Continue reading If All Immigrants Were Like Tusse…